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Jack studied trombone with Roger Harvey at Trinity College of Music as a scholarship student, graduating with first class honours in 2007.  Since then he has earned a reputation as a most versatile and adaptable trombonist, having drawn much inspiration and enjoyment from the wealth of musical styles and periods in which the instrument features.

As an orchestral player Jack undertakes a great number of engagements on a freelance basis, performing on both modern and period instruments.  He has also performed chamber music in a variety of ensembles, taking part in tours to Italy and Slovenia as well as performing across the UK.  As a soloist he has sought to explore less well-known areas of repertoire, such as music for trombone and organ, in order to demonstrate the instrument's versatility and theatrical nature.

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Curriculum Vitae

BMus (hons), Trinity College of Music.  ATCL Diploma


Alto, Tenor & Bass Trombones.  Alto & Tenor Sackbut/Classical Trombone.  Euphonium/Tenor Tuba


Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra, English Symphony Orchestra, Helios Ensemble, Holborne Players, The Six, Welsh Baroque Orchestra

Freelance & Semi-Professional
Bedfordshire Symphony Orchestra, Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra, Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, de Havilland Philharmonic, Dorking Philharmonia, Finchley Chamber Orchestra, Forest Philharmonic, Gloucestershire Symphony Orchestra, Hertfordshire Chamber Orchestra, Kensington Chamber Orchestra, Kew Wind Orchestra, Lambeth Wind Orchestra, London International Orchestra, Mid-Sussex Sinfonia, Milton Keynes Sinfonia, Orchestra of the City, Orion Symphony Orchestra, Oxford Chamber Orchestra, Oxford Symphony Orchestra, Reading Symphony Orchestra, St Paul's Sinfonia, South London Sinfonietta, Sidcup Symphony Orchestra, Wycombe Sinfonia

Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra, Rehearsal Orchestra, Trinity College of Music Symphony Orchestra, Trinity College of Music Early Music Ensemble

Chamber Music:
Brassculinity (representing Trinity College of Music), Dartington International Summer School, Trinity College of Music Brass Ensemble, Trinity College of Music Early Music Ensemble, The Six (early music wind ensemble)

Roger Harvey, Roger Brenner, Lindsay Shilling, Sue Addison

Dudley Bright, Byron Fulcher, Spanish Brass (Luur-Metals)

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The trombone is a great instrument - sorry, but there it is.  It's not easy to play well; as a naturally clumsy and 'heavy'-sounding instrument it can be very frustrating at times.  However it's ultimately very rewarding and simply very good fun to play. 

It's also a very versatile instrument; the sheer variety of music that has been written for the trombone, whether you measure it by historical standards or in terms of the range of styles in 20th and 21st-century music, is absolutely staggering.  More to the point, this in itself is tremendously inspiring as well.  Through playing the trombone and its various relatives or equivalents (both in period performance and the modern orchestra) I've been able to enjoy music ranging from the 1500s to stuff so new it's not been written yet - I'm not afraid to improvise.  Stylistically that includes not only the core orchestral repertoire, but music for all kinds of ensembles, bands and jazz combos.         

When it comes to performing solo or chamber works, I prefer to look for the more unusual, often unjustly neglected repertoire.  Variety is good; it makes things so much more interesting, if a little confusing at times...


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